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Your Wedding... let us help make it perfect.

Here's what to do!


  1. Check the date

  2. Schedule a tasting

  3. Deposit to book the date


We prefer to do tastings on weekday evenings. We can make exceptions if this proves difficult for someone's schedule.

Tastings consist of three entrees, salad and a side or appetizer for $40 per person.

We can happily add on additional items for a charge of $5 per entrée.

You may choose the items you wish to try from our website menu page. We can also prepare a menu that you request.


What can you expect on the day of your Ceremony?


We arrive within a 2-hour window before serving at a wedding. This gives us plenty of time to work out anything that may not be as expected.

Set up and service time are included in truck service price. Service is a two-and-a-half-hour window. Should you like to extend the time beyond two-and-a-half hours, there will be a $150 per hour charge.


We offer table clearing of "disposables" for $30 per staff member. Every 50 guests requires one staff member.

Another detail....


We have a "collection" of various China pieces for an eclectic service for up to 250 settings [dinner plates and salad plates only] for a small fee.  We can also serve on dishes you provide, on plastic or in the serving "boats" used for serving from the truck.



Service Charges ...

Buffet Service up to three hours  $250

Plated Service requires one server per 30 guests at $30/hr

Family Style Service requires one server per 30 guests at $30/hr

Clearing Disposables requires one server per 50 guests at $30/hr

Clearing china requires one server per 30 guests at $30/hr

Beverage Station of water and tea  1.00 per guest

Disposable plates are included with the truck, buffet and family style service. Plastic plates and/or china is an additional charge.

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Caprese on Grilled Sourdough
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