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We make Booking Simple....

When should I book? How much notice do we need?

Booking requires a $100 deposit.  Canceling will forfeit your deposit.  


Share the date A.S.A.P. so we can make sure we are available for your awesome event. Just message us or send us the form on this site.



Marigold’s has food - will travel!  We charge for mileage beyond the 50-mile radius from Overland Park.  We are happy to make a road trip, within reason.

We are licensed in Missouri and Kansas

Should the occasion be a public event, we will most likely have to purchase an event permit from your specific city. The prices vary per city.


Private property does not require a permit. We are happy to park in a driveway, cul-de-sac, yard or anywhere on the property we have been invited to. We suggest if you have neighbors to give them a heads up.


Missouri has laws prohibiting trucks from parking near certain venues. If you think this may pertain to you, we have included the information here. Otherwise, you may merrily skip down to the next section.



*No Boulevards or Parkways within the Truman Sports Complex or the Power and Light District. 

*No streets or alleys bounded by Brookside Boulevard and Ward Parkway on the South, Summit Street on the west, 45th Street on the North and Grand Avenue on the East. (Country Club Plaza and Brookside area)

*Not in Bartle Hall Convention Center and Municipal Auditorium area.

*Not within 3 feet of public entrance of café, cafeteria, lunchroom or restaurant.



Marigold’s typically serves three to four entrees with a side, beverages, salad and a dessert.

We have a core menu but are happy to serve your choices from our website.

We are happy to customize a menu for your special occasion. Just ask!

We offer a fun mix and match menu where you can choose two single sized entrees.



Will you be waiting in line through your entire lunch break?  No way!

We pride ourselves in moving fast! We may serve up to 100 people in 50 minutes if

it is a paid event. When guests pay individually it always takes a bit longer.


We accept cards on Square, cash and ApplePay.




Marigold’s has a minimum $1500 charge. We can sometimes negotiate this for boxed lunches or drop-off orders.

What does that mean?

The dollar number represents what we need to be profitable after gas, paying the staff and purchasing the food.

The estimated number of participants can be affected for so many reasons. We need that guarantee that we will be able to cover costs regardless of the turnout.

How does it work?

Marigolds counts the dollar amount collected at the end of the event. If the minimum is not reached, the Host pays the remaining amount.

​​One payment by Host:

Marigold’s will count tickets and collect payment at the end of the event.

Wedding & Private Party Events are invoiced ahead of the event for an agreed upon price. 

WE CATER! Ask about the buffet!

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